Literary Wonderlands edited by Laura Miller @modernbooks @alisonmenziespr

sounds so inviting… the perfect refuge!!!

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Unusually today, I’m recommending a book I haven’t completely finished. The reason for that is that this isn’t really the kind of book you sit down and read all at once. It’s more a book for dipping in and out of. Literary Wonderlands takes you on 100 adventures to fictional worlds you may be familiar with already or places you have yet to discover.

This beautifully illustrated hardback book is perfect for book-lovers. It will take you from the time of ancient myth and legend, through the golden age of fantasy, right up to the contemporary computer age. As you journey through the ages, these literary wonderlands will also transport you throughout the world. Some of the locations are real such as the Spain of Cervantes’ Don Quixote or the near future California of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. However, some are purely fictional such as down the rabbit hole with…

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