Illness, Magic and Exorcism


“Analysis of a collection of clay tablets confirms that a Mesopotamian doctor had to deal with more than just physical ailments. The ancient healer was expected to exorcise demons, ward off witchcraft, and appease the gods – all while staying up to date on the latest medical-magical healing strategies!

The recent study demonstrates that doctors living in Mesopotamia in the 7th century BC were expected to combine what we commonly call magical rituals with “harder science” and medicine if they wished their patients to recover. ,,,”

From: Mixing Magic and Medicine: New Study Shows Mesopotamian Doctors Had to Battle Demons 


from The Author’s Desk:

Ancient cultures did believe that illness had an energetic component. This belief prevailed throughout the centuries and is still held in many societies today.

This has been the backbone of many practices and it has infiltrated the lore and the literature of the world over time.

There is more to the human body than meets the eye…..




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