This site is about sitting comfortably near the writer’s desk, mug in hand. If you enjoy reading, if you love books, it’s a comfortable place to be.

This site happens to be my desk, full of my notes, my books, my thoughts.

Here you can read some of the writing I am working on, some short stories, some concepts I am examining. I like to work through certain ideas with drafts. Sift through the posts as you would sift through the notes scattered all over my chaotic writing desk. Feel free to explore and read, letting me know your reflections and reactions.

Writing is a loaded form of communication. It is one of the only ‘arts’ that provide transparency while it artfully conceals hidden layers at the same time. A painting of an onion can show us its delicate membrane – thin layers of skin that can be peeled away. But it shows them, you can’t participate in the peeling. Nor can you revel or cringe at what you discovered hidden underneath.  Reading allows you to unveil the layers and to discover and rediscover things from a different perspective. And that is the greatest challenge for a writer – to give the opportunity to a reader to discover the greater depth hidden behind the words, and to reach in and see things from a different angle, to feel things – to be affected.

Writing allows you to do that. Writing allows the writer and the reader to dig into layers of meanings and actions hidden in the words. Symbolism, nuances, ‘codes’ come alive.

I love to create surreal situations with words. To give image to emotion, to give physical substance and physical action to emotions at play.

I love to play with words.  Right now, my interests seem to be focused on developing characters. I am very interested in creating not only the characters but their worlds, allowing for readers to get to know the characters in a most familiar way. To feel at home with them as they read about them.

Just as I want them to feel at home here, at the author’s desk.

Feel free to visit as often as you like. And to become friends with my books and their characters…..

Suzanne Valtsioti

author of:

Mallias the Greek Gangster  the story of a card cheat

The Potion Maker


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