Suzanne Valtsioti on Twitter : “In a New Biography of the Bouvier Women, Jealousies Rule

via Suzanne Valtsioti on Twitter: “In a New Biography of the Bouvier Women, Jealousies Rule”

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Posting per the Prompt: today’s prompt: Courage

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I must be honest. I felt a surge of mixed emotions when I read the word Courage. I think that courage is a word whose meaning has blurred over the centuries. We use the word courage when we refer to battlefield bravery, difficult physical tasks, facing a difficult emotional situation such as grief, and so on… You get the idea. It has become a synonym for stiff upper lip, bravery, toughening up.

We have lost touch with the word’s original meaning. It is actually a word that means ‘in touch with the heart’. That makes me think. Listening to your heart means courage. Doing what your heart tells you to do is courage. That boils down to recognizing that your heart is the emotional essence of ‘you’. Courage is being able to recognize it and accept your individuality, no matter how different one is from the rest. Therefore being true to yourself, being proud of yourself, accepting exactly who you are and what you feel is courage.

So courage is ‘I am thrilled to be me. To feel what I feel, even if others don’t understand it. To be as I am, even if others can’t accept it. To react as I do, even if others can’t relate to it. ‘

Courage is being completely in tune with who you are.

What Would It Be Like to Be 400 Years Old? By CLARE CLARK FEB. 16, 2018


“…To him his longevity is a curse, forcing him from an early age to live alone. His unchanging appearance arouses hostility and suspicion. Superstitious neighbors condemn his mother as a witch. Similar accusations dog his beloved wife, Rose, and daughter, Marion, until he must leave them for their own safety. In the 400 years since Rose’s death he has roamed the world, unwilling to settle, unable to find happiness. The only thing that keeps him from taking his own life is the knowledge that Marion has inherited his condition and is out there somewhere, waiting for him to find her. ..”

via What Would It Be Like to Be 400 Years Old? – The New York Times