A Cosmic Accident?


Trouble in the Cosmos?


Sneak Preview of The Potion Maker


Feb 14th Release Date! The Potion Maker. A novel in installments! Preorder “Book One A Stargram” now! only One Dollar!!!


A Stargram has arrived


Two Valentine’s Day Gifts for everyone! It’s a GIVEAWAY!!!

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2. On Valentine’s Day is the official release of Book One of the series The Potion Maker…available as an ebook for only 1.24 and as a paperback for 5.00!!! Grab book one and take a ride with Rhea as she narrates a tremendous tale.

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL                                                   DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (1)

A Book is Born!!!!! Women, Goddesses, Magic, Myth, Time Travel…

The first book of the series The Potion Maker is now available for pre-order. Book One : A Stargram is out!

It will be released on February 14th. Available at Smashwords and Amazon.