Have you met Markella?

Have you met Markella yet? She seems to be stirring up people’s opinions. She is brazen enough to be politically incorrect yet she seems to be submissive as well in her views. A weak rebel? A strong traditionalist?

I suppose that chick lit is all about a women’s world, a heroine as a protagonist, her plights, her victories, her pain, her gain. This is a genre on its own and rightfully so. women do have a unique perspective on things. Markella is a character in one of my books and she is definitely a ‘personality’.

I am working on another project as well that narrates in a strong female voice, a series told this time by Rhea, the earth goddess….a whole different ball game with a whole different take regarding female perspective.

Does one expect a woman, a protagonist, a female narrator to be feminist, traditional, or a little bit of both? Does she need to be radical or submissive? Does she celebrate her womanhood being an individual or complementing a male?  (or having a male be her complement….the ‘two halves make a whole’ thing going on).

Can a strong woman combine love, romance, and devotion to her man while candidly perceiving society and still being comfortable with the roles society had carved out for men and women? Does she constitute chic lit material? Does she become a romance character and not qualify to be labeled as an upmarket woman’s lit character? Are we falling for stereotyping women when choosing genre labels?

I want all of you women out there to meet Markella. You can grab some free pages now from the ebook and read her innermost thoughts, her mind chatter.

Let Markella pour her heart out to you if you offer her a place on your kindle… She is as dreamy as she is street smart. She is an unpolished intellectual, capable of thinking deeply, imagining vividly and sticking a knife straight to the point.

Markella’s burning desire is to share what she knows with the world. But she can’t.
A situation develops and push comes to shove. She decides to write it all out, bringing to life a chatty journal filled with information about her husband, Nick, alias Mallias, a renowned card cheat, a mobster.
They make quite the couple. Some love them, some hate them, while so many love to hate them.
Markella takes time to get her thoughts together, expressing half of what she is thinking always. She writes in her slow burn style, sometimes staccato and sometimes rambling, sometimes brash and often politically incorrect, filling the pages of her journal with their story, one drenched with crime, mystery, eccentricity, double-crossers, dripping with the unique flavors of Greece, New York, and Osaka and soaked through and through with gossip, romance and a touch of the metaphysical.


cropped-3191793997_41f832fd84_b2.jpgIf you get the chance to meet her, hear her, see what happens to her… do feel free to share your opinion about Markella. You either love her or hate her. Please feel free to review!!!