The Scribe of Siena

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Trouble in the Cosmos?


a snippet from the very private diary of a mobster’s wife….

“I will gather up a lifetime of things unsaid, write them down, and then offer them all to be lit up for security and burned. All at once.
And then I can watch the whole thing turn to ash. The whole damn thing.
Light the match, and watch it burn.
What a loaded bonfire that would be though, if this gets burned when I finish filling up the whole book.
What a cleansing experience that will be!
If flames could speak, what a story they would tell.
They say that the original bonfires were the burning up of bones. Bad bones. Bad people. Enemies. Turning bones to ash. And it was the burning up of curses and all things bad as well. God knows we have had and still have enemies, and even curses. Real ones.”

Mallias The Greek Gangster the story of a card cheat

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Based on a true story.
Markella’s burning desire is to share what she knows with the world. But she can’t.
A situation develops and push comes to shove. She decides to write it all out, bringing to life a chatty journal filled with information about her husband, Nick, alias Mallias, a renowned card cheat, a mobster.
They make quite the couple. Some love them, some hate them, while so many love to hate them.
Markella takes time to get her thoughts together, expressing half of what she is thinking always. She writes in her slow burn style, sometimes staccato and sometimes rambling, sometimes brash and often politically incorrect, filling the pages of her journal with their story, one drenched with crime, mystery, eccentricity, double-crossers, dripping with the unique flavors of Greece, New York, and Osaka and soaked through and through with gossip, romance and a touch of the metaphysical.

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