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What Would It Be Like to Be 400 Years Old? By CLARE CLARK FEB. 16, 2018


“…To him his longevity is a curse, forcing him from an early age to live alone. His unchanging appearance arouses hostility and suspicion. Superstitious neighbors condemn his mother as a witch. Similar accusations dog his beloved wife, Rose, and daughter, Marion, until he must leave them for their own safety. In the 400 years since Rose’s death he has roamed the world, unwilling to settle, unable to find happiness. The only thing that keeps him from taking his own life is the knowledge that Marion has inherited his condition and is out there somewhere, waiting for him to find her. ..”

via What Would It Be Like to Be 400 Years Old? – The New York Times

a snippet from the very private diary of a mobster’s wife….

“I will gather up a lifetime of things unsaid, write them down, and then offer them all to be lit up for security and burned. All at once.
And then I can watch the whole thing turn to ash. The whole damn thing.
Light the match, and watch it burn.
What a loaded bonfire that would be though, if this gets burned when I finish filling up the whole book.
What a cleansing experience that will be!
If flames could speak, what a story they would tell.
They say that the original bonfires were the burning up of bones. Bad bones. Bad people. Enemies. Turning bones to ash. And it was the burning up of curses and all things bad as well. God knows we have had and still have enemies, and even curses. Real ones.”

Mallias The Greek Gangster the story of a card cheat

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Suzanne Valtsioti interview at Smashwords

“… I would love to see a publishing firm prove me wrong. I would love to see one come riding on white horses, spear in hand, riding towards me. They pierce my work, seizing it and gallop off into the sunset, saving my work from getting lost in the sea of unseen books.”

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